Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Grateful Body

Here's a new post from my blog ( about being grateful for our bodies.
What do you thank your body for?

Dear Mr. Anonymous,

I hope, wish, and dream to give my body endless love and care, forever and always.

(I don't know where I found this image...sorry!)

Dear toes,
Thank you for not going to the market and being different from all the rest of the piggies.  We’ve spent quite a bit of time together in this everlasting love/hate relationship. I was once proud of your wonderfully webbedness. I loved you- that was until that boy in 5th grade called you gross. For some reason I believed him and consequently hid you for 8 years…I’m so sorry. I don’t want to be ashamed of your uniqueness, toes. I want to give you the experiences you’ve craved all these years. So, from now on, expect to be adorned in bright, colorful polish; feel the blades of grass between you; and no longer hide under socks. I promise not only to love you, but also flaunt you the way I once did when I was a little girl.

Dear feet,
Thank you for your support and care. You carry not only my physical weight each day but also my emotional, mental, and spiritual weight. Because of you, I am able to explore and run through exotic, wild places. While I once looked down upon you for your wideness and small size, I now realize that your shape is a beautiful gift. You give me endless mobility, ability, and possibility. I promise to only dress you in shoes that nurture and comfort you as you have done for me; but we can also dance barefoot whenever you’d like.

Dear legs,
Thank you for your strength and sturdiness.  The three of us walk, run, swim, climb, jump, dance, and move together each day. I sometimes forget that’s where your beauty lies, in function not form. I know we’ve been at war in the past– the battle of the squat, the clash of the lunges, and, my personal favorite, stair master combat…but I promise that you will no longer endure these militaristic routines. You are free to do as you wish each and every day, whether that be mountain biking, dancing the night away, or lounging out on the sofa. I thank you for your kindness and vitality. Society ordered me to morph you into a pair of walking sticks, but you just wouldn’t listen…instead, you gave me two sources of power, grace, and eternal joy.

Dear butt,
Thank you for never losing your lovely spirit, even through all I’ve done to you. You were once my worst enemy. I’m sorry for all the horrible things I’ve said about you… I’ve insulted you quite a bit behind our back. I promise to never again speak those hurtful words. You’ve been nothing but wonderful to me: you make almost any chair comfortable, you fill out my shorts and give me shape, and you protect me when I fall down. I’m pretty sure you know what’s best for me, even when I don’t. You’re a constant source of energy, excitement, spunk, fun, and life. There is nothing wrong with you- and there never was. Please continue to shake your groove thang forever and always.

Dear tummy,
Thank you for sticking in their through all those tuff times when I hated you for sticking out there. I had this crazy idea in my head that you should be unwanted and destroyed. I tried to starve you but that last bit of life left in you clung to me and fought back, becoming the cute belly you are today. Thank you for being soft and sensual. I promise to never again ignore your callings and grumbles. I will give you the care you deserve because, frankly, without you, I would not even be here.

Dear arms,
Thank you for your hard work and endurance. I can’t think of one thing you don’t help me with each day. Because of you I can hug the ones I love, scratch my back, swing, do cartwheels, make cookies, read books, drink tea, throw baseballs, pet dogs, and feel everything life has to offer. You are not too short, or too lanky, or too big, or too white, or too freckly, or too anything for that matter- you are solely perfect in all that you are and all that you do. I’m grateful that there are two of you and you keep each other company, with you ten children hanging out on your ends. I promise to wear sleeveless, strapless, and anything-less clothing so you can embrace the sunlight fully and soak in all its warmth. I promise move you in exciting ways while also resting and caring for you each day.

Dear head,
Thank you for holding yourself high for all these years. You have blessed me with two eyes to witness the beauty of life through, two ears to listen to majestic sounds and music with, a nose to smell delicious foods and flowers with, and a mouth to sing, speak, and eat through. But most importantly, I thank you Brain. You have allowed me to produce countless crazy ideas, intense thoughts, heart-pounding fears, and genuine emotions. You have helped morph me into the Kelly I am today. Head, I know that I have pulled at your hair, criticized your features, and ignored your beauty in the past…I am sorry. I am grateful for your never-ending wisdom, ability, and courage. Please continue to send thoughts of love and perseverance to the rest of my body; I’ll make sure the same love and care is returned to you.