Minutes and Documents

BAM Officer Meeting Minutes 1/23/13

January 23, 2013
Library West, Room 140


List priorities and discussed the importance of BAM.

President’s Appeal:

BAM should be included in your top three priorities. It takes all of us to make the Body Acceptance Movement successful and there is no time to delay.


It has been decided that email is the best option of a communication medium. Be certain to continually check your emails as this will be the device for our conversations. Thank you for voting.

Replying to emails:

Always reply to the last person’s email so we can view the full conversation. Make sure to choose the reply to all option so everyone can see your response.


Our President Stephanie composed a contract in which we all required to sign. The contract described our responsibilities and requirements. By signing the contract we made a commitment to uphold these standards.


Assignments were given during this meeting. Each officer is responsible for completing her assignment.

Assignments are due Sunday, January 27th.

Ideas Discussed:

Co-tabling event with the Food Science & Human Nutrition Club

Participation in events hosted during National Eating Disorder Week

Additional Notes:

Kathleen should be in touch with Kelly to find the banner.
We all should bring draft ideas for the t-shirt logo to the next meeting.

Next meeting is scheduled for Sunday the 27th at 6:00 pm. Location TBA.

BAM Leadership Application

BAM Mirror Cling Tabling Sign Up Sheet

Please enter any ideas you have for future engaging BAM activities here!: