Friday, January 13, 2012

Body Lovin' Quotes and Affirmations

Hey Beautiful!

Did you know?...

"To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance."
"Beauty is not in the face; beauty if a light in the heart."
"Every body is beautiful."
"You are exactly who and what and where you are supposed to be and you are lovely. (Anything else would be just plain ridiculous!)"
"Our bodies are apt to be are autobiographies."
"Our first and last love is self-love."
"To be beautiful means to be yourself."
"You are loved."
"Within my body are all the sacred places of the world, and the most profound pilgrimage I can ever make is within my own body."
"My body is an instrument, not an ornament."
"All I can do is be me, whatever that may be."
"You are enough."

Please share any other body positive or self-love quotes or affirmations that make you smile :)