About BAM

According to the Healthy Gators 2010 survey of UF students, 1 in 4 women and 1 in 8 men report that feeling fat frequently interferes with their daily life. Having a negative image of oneself is a major contributor to the development of disordered eating behavior, and can also interfere with a student's academic success.

The Body Acceptance Movement (BAM) is a student organization at the University of Florida focused on spreading messages that foster a body-positive community and help rase student's self-esteem. BAM hopes to promote body acceptance to help students be more confident, and excel physically, socially, and academically during their time at UF and beyond. BAM further strives to spread awareness of eating disorders, as they are closely related to body image. Our mission is focused around campus activism through club activities and partnership with like-minded organizations affiliated with the university.

BAM was founded in January of 2011.  Members of the organization played a major role in the planning and implementation of events for the 2011 National Eating Disorder Awareness Week (February 21-27, 2011), deemed Embrace Your Body Week.  The event series, as a whole, was a tremendous success, and set the stage for future activities on the UF campus.  BAM continues to partner with GatorWell Health Promotion Services as well as other campus and community organizations to support the annual event series in recognition of NEDA Week at UF each Spring semester.

Our Mission Is To…

  •         Help student’s find their voice and speak out against unrealistic beauty ideals.
  •         Promote a healthy body image and body acceptance among the men and women of the UF student body in order to build their self-esteem.
  •         Increase affirmation messaging throughout the UF campus in an effort to create a body-positive environment.
  •         Promote healthy eating behaviors such as mindful and intuitive eating.
  •         Spread awareness of eating disorder signs and symptoms.
  •         Help guide students who may be struggling with disordered eating to necessary campus and other resources.
  •         Raise money for BAM programs and like-minded organizations.
  •         Partner with other campus groups to help further our mission.

Activities and Involvement:
  •         Bi-weekly meetings
  •         Campus activism
  •         National Eating Disorder Awareness Week annual events
  •        Dove Self-Esteem Workshops at Girls’ Place Inc. in Gainesville
  •         Film series
  •         Media literacy campaigns
  •         Presentations to campus and community groups
  •         Guest speakers
  •         Fundraising

Thanks to everyone for the support and care!