Wednesday, May 11, 2011

NEW! BAM Committees Coming Soon!

The Body Acceptance Movement

Committee Organization, Leadership, and Responsibilities:

  • Financial Affairs and Fundraising – ?
    • Budget
    • Manage bank account
    • Plan and execute fundraisers
    • Look into business sponsorships or other ways to raise
    • Money for events
    • Apply for SG Funding
  • Community Outreach – Nia Brisbane?
    • Girls’ Place
    • Possible mentoring program with Big Brothers Big Sisters or involvement in local schools or aftercare programs
  • Communications, Advertising, and Recruitment – Kelly Ulmer
    • Responsible for updating the website and facebook pages
    • Record and distribute minutes at club and e-board meetings
    • Advertise various events through
      • Facebook
      • Banners
      • Posters/flyers
      • Etc.
    • New member recruitment
  • NEDA Walk – Ashley Hunter
    • Plan and execute NEDA walk event, including:
    • Necessary fundraising
    • Advertising
    • Partnerships with local businesses or other organizations
    • BAM committees will provide support if needed
  • Campus Involvement - ?
    • Plan and execute events on campus, including:
      • Film screenings
      • Tabling activities
      • Partnerships with other student organizations
      •  Etc.
  • Socials and Club Events – Rebecca Astorga
    • Plan and execute events for members of the Body Acceptance Movement to attend, including:
      • Dinners
      • Outdoor activities (Lake Wauberg, Tubing, etc.)
      • End of the year/semester banquets
      • Provide refreshments and snacks for most of the club meetings
        • Can be donated by an outside source or provided by volunteers
  • Director – Simone Pierson
    • Compose agendas for e-board and club meetings
    • Facilitate communication within the club and committees
    • Do whatever it takes to help BAM be successful
  • Faculty Advisor – Shannon Kirkpatrick
    • Make sure we are doing a good job
    • Be awesome!

Committee Responsibilities. Each committee, aside from the NEDA
Walk committee, is required to plan and execute at least one event
every other month.

This will keep the club extremely active! At least one “event”
every week. Events can include Girls’ Place Workshops, Tabling,
or Fundraisers, depending on the committee, and can be as small
or as large as you want it to be.

Meeting Schedule. Club meetings will be held every other week, and
E-board meetings will be held on weeks between club meetings. All
members are encouraged to attend e-board meetings to share thoughts
and ideas, but only committee chairs are required to attend.

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