Friday, June 24, 2011

Not just a temple

Another post from my blog ( about our bodies and being grateful :)
Enjoy <3, Kelly

Dear Mr. Anonymous,

My body is not just my temple...
My body is my utopia. My church. My heaven. My best friend.
My body is a jungle gym, a fork lift, a crane, and a ball.
My body is my ticket to exotic lands.
My body is my altar, which I can adorn how I wish to...with colors and spunk.
My body is my home.

I hope that your body is not just a temple. 
But, regardless of what your body is, you MUST take care of it. Fuel it. Nourish it. Play with it. Cheerish it. Nurture it. Care for it. Never, never stop loving it. Ever.

photo credit: AirMa519

We so often do not realize the amazing things our bodies do for us daily. We criticize our bodies rather than being grateful for their endless giving. 
No one's body is a mistake. Each one is unique and perfect in its own way.
Our legs carry us to distant places. Our arms can pick up our children and embrace our loved ones. Our noses can smell wonderful, deliscious foods. Our tummies house our future little ones for the first nine months of our lives while they grow into this world. Our eyes let us see magnificent, awe-grasping landscapes. Every little bit of our bodies are beautiful. Please see this.

If you are not blind or deaf; if you have two legs and arms; if your body can support a child; if you can walk, run, bike; if you can wiggle your toes; if you can eat and digest warm meals; if you can sing (well or badly); if you can sit up in the morning; if you even wake up in the morning; say thank you to your body.

Stop dwelling over your weight. At least you have food to eat.
Stop obsessing over how white your teeth are. At least you have them and runnimg water to brush with.
Stop hating your legs. At least you have a bed to rest them on at night.
Stop being distraught over that tiny pimple. At least you have soap and the means to bathe each day.
Stop fixating on how your clothes look on you. At least you have clothes to keep you warm in the winter.

Be grateful for these things and all that your body does for you <3

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