Monday, August 8, 2011

Body Lovin' Blogothon Day 1

Today's post is from my blog:
Remember: if you'd like me to post anything regarding self/body love and acceptance send it my way ( and I'll put it up on the BAM website for this event! 
Here it is!:

Dear Mr. Anonymous,

Today's the start of the About Curves event, Lingerie Loves You Curves! About Curves is hosting a charity drive along with a two-week long blogothon (starting today through the 21st of August) during which they urge everyone to fight back against industries that make money from women's lack of self-esteem, and share our stories so that we can help empower women everywhere.

I'm aiming to write a post each day for the next two weeks (but I might miss a few here and there) for this wonderful event. I'll try to mix it up a bit with posts about body acceptance, self-esteen, and self-love. <3 Get excited and love yourself! And, here goes my first post!

I wanted to share a few tips on how to show your body and self endless love. I often forget to give myself the amount of love I know I deserve, so I'm going to work especially hard in the coming weeks as well at showing and sending myself huge bundles of love <3

Here we go!:

  1. When you look at yourself in the mirror, allow your eyes to drift to the places you love on your body rather than the places you usually pick at and pinch. Maybe you're particularly fond of your neck, or your lips, or your shoulders...whatever part of your body you feel drawn towards maybe ask yourself why it is that you love it. Is it because of its function? Is it because you think it's attractive? Is it because someone once complimented it? Whatever the reason just stare at that part and send loving thoughts its way! And, if you have a hard time finding a place on your body you love just stare into your eyes and get lost in their depth and swirling colors for a while!
  2. Take yourself out on a date! Just you and no one else! Maybe go to the movies, or on a night bike ride, or cook a fancy dinner for one! Why wait to treat yourself the way you've alway wanted to? Start doing so NOW!
  3. Make yourself comfortable in your body. Wear comfy clothes and cozy shoes- and never sacrifice how you feel for how you look. If you wear clothes you're not comfortable in, it may hinder your being completely present to the moment, leaving you constantly fidgeting and obsessing over how you look. See how you feel if you spend the whole day in your pj's, or in a loose and flowy dress, or in just plain ol' shorts and a T-shirt- whatever your body yearns for!
  4. Don't be afraid to say "no" when you want to. This is an especially difficult one for me since I have a hard time letting people down and was born a people-pleaser, but with practice it has most definitely gotten easier. Say "no" to situations and things that don't resonate with your heart. Trust me, it'll be okay. You may be afraid of disappointing someone by saying "no" but that person will be able to deal with your response and will most likely move on just moments later. And if they don't, well, do you really want to associate with someone who doesn't support you following what's true to your heart.
  5. Sit with yourself and a cup of tea, feeling just how rich you are. How rich you are in regards to being in good health, possessing the ability to move, having furniture to sit on and water to drink, being free, having a family and friends, having clothes to keep you warm, and the list goes on. We are rich in so many ways but rarely feel and reflect on this wealth.
  6. Play! Be a kid again and reopen your world to all your favorite childhood activities. Blow bubbles, skip rope, rollerblade, roll in the mud, jump in puddles, build a fort! Give your heart back your childhood joys and memories by reenacting them.
  7. Cook your favorite meal and stay attuned and present to each bite. If you're going to be eating your favorite meal you might as well send all your energy towards being completely submerged in that moment and enjoying it! Follow your taste-buds on their wild journey as you chew, slurp, and swallow all that scrumptious food!
  8. Write a love yourself! The world needs more love letters. YOU need more love letter! You can never show yourself enough love and who doesn't love reading about how much a person loves them? So how about you write, mail, and then read about how much you love yourself!
  9. Paint your soul, inner child, inner goddess, or whatever you see when you close your eyes and look inside yourself. And throw realism out the window, letting your hand go wild!
  10. Create your dream job! I had to make a scrapbook about my dream job for a class a few years back and it was one of the most amazing journeys I've ever experienced! Shove aside reality, disregard how feasible it is, and forget the money- just imagine what you would love to do if nothing mattered but what your heart stretches out for- and maybe one day this dream will become a reality :)
  11. Travel! Let your curiosity run wild and get out to explore unfamiliar territory. Allow yourself to enter the world of sensation overload as you experience this new and enticing land. Whether you decide to adventure off in you hometown or hop on a plane, be open to the experience and truly feel it.
  12. Think about all the people who love and care about you. There are so many more than you realize- your family, your friends, your roommates, your pet, your teachers, I bet even some strangers genuinely love you and care about how you are doing. 
  13. Don't judge ANYONE! This is extremely hard, but we have to remember that we can never truly know a person. There is so much more to a person than how we perceive them. We will never know exactly what a person has been through in there past, how they feel deep down, all of their insecurities and emotions, and all the things that have shaped them into who they are that were beyond their control. So, when you catch yourself forming assumptions about someone try to send compassion their way to combat these judgements. It gets easier with practice and some of this compassion will most definitely reflect back onto yourself. 
That's all for now! LOVE YOURSELF! You truly are an incredibly wonderful and beautiful person <3

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